I love a good story -- fiction or history. Fiction is easier; history stories can drive you a little crazy, especially the history of right now.

I usually read book-group or literary fiction, old-school mysteries and, recently, young adult stories, especially dystopias with hints of the real world.

I also like stories on the radio*, especially This American Life, Radio Lab and the Moth. And also movies of course. 

When I write, the settings are often outside the U.S., perhaps a place like the farm in New Zealand where I spent my teen years, or cities in Fiji, China or Venezuela, where I have lived or visited. Usually the characters in my stories are out of step, disgruntled or outright fighting against something. 

 Photo by Phyllis E. Wimer

Photo by Phyllis E. Wimer

Dog Wars - a novel

Trapped in a city terrorized by packs of savage dogs, thirteen-year-old Rona defies her three half-siblings and their three violent dads, to track down her missing mother.


The official stuff

My story, Winter Barby was published by Storyscape. I was selected for a New York Mills residency and was finalist in competitions held by Arts and Letters, Summer Literary Seminars, and Hunger Mountain. I hold an MFA in creative writing from the City College of New York.

I live with my partner in New York, where I have produced musical and award-winning theatrical projects that challenge misconceptions about the Underground Railroad. SinginWidASword.com. In my day job, I teach adults to use a computer and communicate in English. 


Back in the days

I have traveled widely, avoiding the tourist track. My photos and feature articles on Tibetans in China and Mosuo matrilineal culture have been published in Natural History, TNT, and major New Zealand daily newspapers. Photos from Caracas, Venezuela, where I taught for a summer, were featured on the cover of Parsons SCE Journal, Scapes.

My former jobs include farm and construction laboring, driving, computer programming, computer sales, meatpacking, sewing, appliance assembly, and clerical work. 



*an archaic technology where you catch electromagnetic waves in a special receiver box. 



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